25 Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas For A Bold New Look!

June 16, 2016

Are you ready to rock a bold red look?

Well than get ready to be fully inspired by these 25 stunning red ombre hair color ideas! You’ll find red ombre for dark hair, blonde to red ombre and everything in between.

You’ll also find helpful red hair tips and tutorials. Including details about which color dyes these master hair stylists used.

Best And Worst Red Hair Dyes:

Be sure to remember that red dyed hair can be pretty tough to maintain. Sometimes even harder than blue ombre hair or pink ombre hair.

But there are definitely some ways to help keep your red hair healthy. And to help make it last longer!

Tips For Maintaining Red Hair:

Ready to be dazzled?

Me too! Here are 25 super fun, super beautiful and super creative…

Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas:


1. Gothic Red

Is it just me or is Hayley’s contouring seriously on point? And those Kylie lips…Gorgeous!

The coloring was done with Overtone’s red and pinks.


2. Mother Of Dragons (Brown To Flaming Red Ombre)

Holy Game of Thrones goals!

Insanely epic coloring makes this dragon scale braid a must have for Daenerys Targaryen fans. Hair color specialist Kasey O’Hara Skrobe shows you how to turn Arctic Fox hair color into pure magic.


3. Black To Red Ombre

Are you as obsessed with this look as we are?

A swoon worthy black and red fishtail braid using Vegan and Cruelty-Free Poison red from Arctic Fox.


4. Red Ombre Short Hair

Stunning barolo red hair from Gitty & Goff.

A sporty red ombre that looks amazing with bobs and shoulder length styles. You can achieve these fiery waves using Arctic Fox Wrath, Poison, Purple Rain and Sunset Orange.


5. Rockstar Red And Brown Ombre

I’m so loving this badass look from Marissa Mae Neel.

Hair stylist Liza Margaret used Joico’s Fiery Coral by hand after a glorious red touch up to the dark brown base.


6. Auburn Ombre On Blonde Hair

Such a cool color!

Alexa used Feria Intense Deep Auburn for the root color. And finished up the ends with Intense Medium Auburn. The brown ombre hair extensions are from Foxy Locks.

You can see how Alexa got this glowing look in this helpful video…

Red Ombre Hair Tutorial:


7. Red Ombre For Dark Hair

I am obsessed with this hair color. Seriously.

Hairstylist Sydney Batt used Pulp Riot’s “Fireball” for this stunning long hair melt.


8. Beautiful Red Velvet

Looking for something a little less bold?

Go for a sophisticated, burgundy infused, balayage ombre. California hair Constance Robbins did a spectacular job starting with a dark red base.


9. Flaming Locks


Ning Ning’s flaming look is so fresh and alive…This is truly next level.


10. Red And Black Ombre Queen

Goth Girl Power…Activate!

I’m not sure where to start. What else can I say? Except, Kristen Marie’s entire look is PERFECT AF!!

And just in case you were wondering (because I know I was!), you can get that insane choker at her Etsy store. And the adorable bow from Starry Eyed.


11. Red Ombre Medium Length Hair

The lips…The Hair…Perfection…

Brenda used a beautiful Magenta from Loreal to get this stunning red glow.


See how she got this look…

Red Ombre Hair Tutorial:


12. Daring Black And Red Long Hair

I’ll let this jaw-dropping look speak for itself.

A photo posted by Starfucked (@starfuckedmodel) on


13. Stunning Sunset Ombre

Not everyone can rock this booming fiery look, but we can all dream, right?

Stylist Ash Fortis is clearly a master at her craft.


14. Brown To Red Long Ombre Locks

Beautiful neon raspberry created by Kasey O’Hara Skrobe.

She achieved the flawless transition by hand painting magic lightner to Brazilian bond builder, drying and then applying Manic Panic vivids.


15. Blonde To Pink And Red Ombre

YouTuber Amber Beale got this dramatic blonde to red ombre. She used VP Fashion extensions and rose pink and red hair dyes. 

You can watch how she did it here…

Blonde To Red Ombre Hair Tutorial:


16. Red To Blonde Ombre

A beautiful look for both blondes and brunettes. Loving that transition from deep auburn to creamy blonde. 


17. Fiery Ombre Magic (video)

Another stunner from Guy Tang. Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Magenta and Wild Orchid from Pravana

A video posted by Guy Tang® (@guy_tang) on


18. Dark Brown To Magenta Tips


19. Wicked Red On Black


20. Blonde To Red Ombre Long Hair

A daring look of crimson and rose melted to flame gold.

The hair was pre lightened with Aloxxi lightener. The dry cut texturized with Orka 14 shears.


21. Amaranth Red And Black Ombre

So stunning. So brilliant. Love this look! Mandi Zink used colors from Pravana.


22. Angelic Ruby Red On Dark Hair

So beautiful (Eva). So Jealous (ME!)


23. Brown To Red To Blonde

A fantasy red ombre hairstyle to accent those dazzling eyes…


24. Red Balayage Ombre Hair From A Pro Stylist

Watch hair styling pro Alexis Mae create this gorgeous fire red look with Olaplex and Schwarzkopf products.


25. Black To Red

A beautiful example of rose colored ombre. The dramatic break from the dark base gets my Gothic blood tingling!


Hope these fun red ombre hair color ideas gave you some inspiration!

Let us know which ones are your favorites.

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