42 Purple Ombre Hair Color Ideas Unicorn Girls Will Love!

May 27, 2016

Prepare yourself for a nail scratching, scream out loud, purple ombre hairgasm. That’s right. These purple ombre hair color ideas are going to make your Unicorn horns tingle in all the right places.

From purple ombre on dark hair to purple ombre for short hair, this list has you covered.

You will also discover every shade of purple dye you can imagine. From Manic Panic’s Purple Haze (bright and warm violet) to Arctic Fox’s Lavender Lovers, now you can find the perfect purple to make your wildest ombre dreams come true.

Salon style purple magenta ombre hair:


Getting colored by a professional stylist is always the best option. But here are some tips if you are going with a DIY purple ombre look:

1. Purple dye contains less pigment (they fade faster than other colors). So purple ombre hair is harder to maintain.

2. You can make your purple ombre last longer by staying out of the sun and washing it less.

3. Light purple tones and dark hair usually require harsh lifting or bleaching. So be careful!

4. You should always moisturize and hydrate your hair before you do any bleaching or dying.


Watch YouTube’s Claudia Sulewski dye her hair violet ombre for the first time:


42 insanely sexy purple ombre hair color ideas:


1. Lilac Obsession

Kirsten Zellers’s hair takes Unicorn goals to the next level. Her dark ash base blooms into a heavenly lilac dream that leaves us breathless.

Quick DIY tip: Look at your hair under a UV light to make sure it’s evenly bleached before applying purple coloring.


2. Purple Pastel Goth

Makeup artist Chantal Murphy is literally glowing under this purple pastel ombre perfection. And I so NEED that Dolls Kill choker!


3. Muted Lavender Rose

An enchanting look that combines lavender with super on-trend muted rose tones. Ross Michael’s Salon used Schwarzkopf pro Pearescense and Metallic coloring.


4. Stunning Pastel Purple

So freaking gorgeous. Katie Mulcahy used Arctic Fox and oVertone to get this stunning pastel look.

Quick tip: Her stylist used Olaplex bond multiplier to limit damage during the bleaching process.


5. Midnight Fireworks


6. Purple Ombre Updo

Multidimensional lavender tones create a French braid updo to-die-for. Hair artist Chita Beseau always leaves us jealous and inspired!


7. Metallic Purple Ombre Braids

No summer festival look would be complete without an epic purple bojo braid. The rich violet luster looks fantastic on girls with deep dark hair.


8. Orchids And Angels

Too pretty for words! Vivid violets laced with every purple shade of the rainbow. Master stylist Linh Phan used Pravana colors to create this magical look.


9. Smokey Lavender Melt (video)

A video posted by Amber Lynch (@amberstarr615) on


10. Violet Swan

A photo posted by @hairvixen_ on


11. Opal Watercolor Curls


12. Fuchsia Clouds


13. Opalescence


14. Milky Way Locks


15. Metallic Mermaid


16. Vivid Violet Bojo

A photo posted by Gina Atkinson (@ginaatkinson) on


17. Bubblegum Ombre Wisp


18. Amethyst Rocks


19. Cotton Candy Fairy


20. Purple Warrior


21. Lavender Nymph


22. Luscious Lavender

A photo posted by Meliana Clark (@melerinaa) on


23. Blueberry Crush

A photo posted by @dajanakdoeshair on


24. Frozen Grape

A photo posted by Jacqui (@jackss_) on


25. Lavender Arctic Mist


26. Purple Rain


27. Electric Shock


28. Lavender Ice


29. Gothic Wedding


30. Violet Ash Ombre


31. Cotton Candy Princess

A photo posted by Kaley Tearnen (@kaleybess) on


32. Amethyst Tips

A photo posted by ALICE. (@ms_wonderland) on


33. Raspberry Sherbet


34. Ombre Dream Catcher


35. Ombre Rogue


DIY blue and lavender ombre hair using extensions:


36. Lavender Mermaid


37. Badass Violet (video)

A video posted by Cassandra Muah (@theavidiva) on


38. Unicorn Dreams


39. Uptown Ombre


40. Wicked Plum


41. Blonde Lilac


42. Lavender Vixen


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