27 Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas Mermaid Girls Will Love!

May 19, 2016

You ready to hop on a Unicorn and ride a rainbow to Mermaid hair heaven?


Because these blue ombre hair color ideas are truly magical. Gone are the days when we would just dip the tips of our hair into some nasty dye and hope for the best. Some girls still try, but it’s not the best idea. Not to mention a dated look.


Because blue ombre hair styles in 2016 are all about seamless transitions. This is best achieved by combining skilled balayage techniques with dazzling color pallets.

Tips for salon style balayage ombre hair:

Quick tip: Ombre hair can be SUPER damaging depending on what type of hair you have and what techniques you use. So if you choose to DIY, make sure to use the best ombre hair dye you can find.

Some of the best and worst hair dye brands for ombre hair coloring:

Those are just a few of the ombre hair dye brands to check out. Make sure to read user reviews before you just start slapping on the color.


Now get ready to see some of the hottest blue ombre hair color ideas ever!!

1. Ombre Mermaid Waves

This look features vivid blue extensions woven into an ash blue ombre base. Dye brands like Arctic Fox Hair Color are a great place to start for those glowing aquamarines.


2. Icy Blue Ombre Queen

Absolutely gorgeous. Pro stylist Sabrina Montino from Salon Mix started with a naturally silver canvas and created a fairy-tale blue ombre masterpiece.

Blue ombre hair color ideas unicorn

Instagram/ via hair_by_sabri


3. Moonstone Serenity

This come hither look features beautiful extensions from Fair Hair Extensions. The smoky indigo to grey turns long hair curls into ombre magic.


4. Blue Denim Ombre Bob

How cute is this?!

A great example of matching an on trend acid washed look with the right skin tone.


5. Vivid Turquoise

Los Angeles hairstylist Alexis Thurston created this stunning land mermaid look using Pulp Riot hair color.

The formula included Nightfall, Absinthe, Mercury and Powder. So pretty!!

Mermaid hair color ideas

Instagram/ via alexisbutterfulyloft


6. Mermaid Goddess

blue ombre hair color ideas

Instagram/ via 1hairbygina


7. Lush Mermaid Ombre Locks

We’re not sure, but Charity Grace might actually be a Mermaid ( please let it be true!). Stunning astro-brite blue that climaxes in to-die-for turquoise tips.


8. Blue Ombre From A Galaxy Far Far Away…


9. Ice Cold Freeze


10. Pastel Fairy Princess


11. Full On Mermaid Envy


12. Caribbean Blue Ombre

Stunning juxtaposition for women with darker hair. The electric blue ends burst like lightning from the white-washed, dark brown base.


13. Sporty Aquamarine

A photo posted by garrettbarr (@garrbarr) on


14. Unicorn Hair Magic

A photo posted by Aspen Mansfield (@okaspen) on


15. Arctic Fox Supernova!


16. Lavender Hair Obsession (video)

A video posted by Katie Kuh (@xobykatieann) on


17. Teasing Teal

A photo posted by Katie Kuh (@xobykatieann) on


18. Ice Crown Sparkle


19. Enchanting Winter Blue


20. Blue Ombre Peacock


21. Artic Breeze


22. Blue Nude Metallic Braids


23. Two-tone Ombre Angel


24. Blue Ombre Waterfall

A photo posted by FUCK BAD HAIR. (@evalam_) on


25. Artisan Blue Steel

Brunettes can avoid damaging bleach by going with this oil slick technique. The browns snake down to a grey-blue bouquet of beauty.

A photo posted by Sharon Hinkle (@blend_studio) on


26. Mermaid Butterfly Braid

A photo posted by Masey (@masey.cheveux) on


27. Blue Topaz Beauty


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