10 Best YA BookTubers To Watch In 2016

May 22, 2016
best ya booktubers

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I hope you have about 7 hours to spare. Because once you start watching the best YA booktubers, you won’t be able to stop.

I’m talking a bookgasm freaking bingefest.

These book reading superstars will make you laugh until you cry, make you weep tears to fill an ocean and give you major bookshelf envy!

Along with epic book hauls and heart wrenching book reviews, the best YA booktubers create a world of bookish magic…

You will meet your favorite YA authors like Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare:


Find the best YA novels to add to your must-read list:


And become a part of the most booktastic reading squad in the universe!

And if that’s not enough (really?!), you will find amazing writing tips, the best bookstagram accounts and even learn how to start your own booktube channel.

Ready to be blown away?

Here are the best YA booktubers we can’t live without:


1. Christine Riccio — polandbananasBOOKS

How does Christine not have her own show on Netflix yet?

Seriously, this is no ordinary booktube channel. Christine Riccio has created a book lover’s paradise. Of course you will find awesome reviews for favs like the Shadowhunter series and Throne Of Glass.

But Christine’s booktube channel is so much more! Behind the scene’s coverage at book conventions. Access to the biggest names of YA. And some of the most bookish fun this side of Hogwarts!


2. Sasha Alsberg — abookutopia


3. Kat O’Keeffe — Katytastic


4. Regan — PeruseProject

Regan is a YA fantasy loving booktuber who takes book hauls to the next level. Which makes sense since she can read up to 100 pages an hour (yes, you heard that correctly.)

She’s also not afraid to tell you that she has never read “The Fault in Our Stars.” You go girl!

Along with the much talked about names like Lady Midnight, Regan will introduce you to more off the radar gems like Curse of the Sphinx.


5. Zoe Herdt — readbyzoe


6. Natasha Polis — tashapolis

Okay, before we talk about Natasha’s booktube channel… Have you heard her sing?!

SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. There, I feel better now.

This book loving fangirl covers our favorite must reads like Outlander and Red Rising. Along with everything from movies to Faerie Squad adventures.


7. Jesse George — jessethereader


8. Haily LeBlanc — Hails Hearts Nyc


9. Sophie — SophiesSeries

Smart. Sassy. And super super cute! You will sooo relate to Sophie and her perfect take on being a book nerd.

You should do background checks on friends before you loan books to them.

You know, like how you feel when you loan a book to a friend and they never give it back! Or when people judge you for what type of books you read…ugh.


10. Emma Giordano — emmmabooks

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