25 Top Bookstagram Accounts To Make You Crazy Jealous

May 4, 2016
Instagram accounts for book lovers bookstagram

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What makes the top bookstagram accounts so impossible to look away from?

Is it the stunning photography? The flat lay perfection? The most freaking beautiful bookshelves that have ever existed? #Socksunday (oh, those socks!)?

All of those things are a huge part of it (and don’t forget the coffee). But your favorite bookish Instagram accounts would be nothing without one key ingredient:

The insanely creative book lovers who manage them.

That’s because the best bookstagram accounts are exactly like your favorite books and authors. They take you away to another world. They have their own unique personalities. They make you want to be part of the magical book nerd community.

Thinking of starting your own bookstagram account? Newbies can check out this helpful video…

Tips on how to start a new bookstagram account:

Already an bookstagram pro? Well this next video is just for you!

5 Things Only Bookstagram Experts Will Understand

Wait a minute. This all looks like a lot of hard work. Correct. It’s also hard work to scroll through 10 zillion bookish images to find the coolest ones out there.

So that’s why we did it for you!

Here Are 25 Truly Inspiring Instagram Accounts For Book Lovers:


1. eviebookish

Evie Seo creates a wonderfully inviting world for every type of reader. She also provides some great tips on how to bookstagram. And have you seen her bookish pillow and t-shirt designs? Wow!

A photo posted by Evie Seo (@eviebookish) on


2. howlingpages

Let Kim and her clever Funko’s take you on a journey to discover hidden book gems you will want to gobble up. Harry Potter fans will be especially delighted. Hey, did Luna Lovegood just wink at us?? 


3. bookotter

Every photo from Dutch artist Liza is literally a work of art. She combines minimalism and nature to create gorgeous images that will mesmerize you.

A photo posted by Liza (@bookotter) on


4. bokhjerte

You are about to feel like you have stepped into the pages of fairy tale. Glowing hues of reds and purples, elegant flowers and Marlene’s bookshelves (OH.MY.GOD those bookshelves!)


5. abookishloveaffair

Imagine being whisked off to a majestic castle overlooking the ocean. You snuggle into a plush feather bed, drink tea and get lost in your favorite books forever…Allissa will take you there.


Enchanting book lover Instagram accounts…

6. newleafwriter

Hop on a unicorn and ride into the clouds of book heaven with Sarah and her stunning bookstagram account. So much to see! Like a trip to book lover’s Disneyland.

A photo posted by Sarah (@newleafwriter) on

7. hayaisreading

Haya shows you what it would be like to live in Malibu, have every book on earth and drink rainbow tea. Okay. Sign me up!

A photo posted by (@hayaisreading) on


8. alice.in.wonderbookland

Another gorgeous book lover Instagram with a super fun vibe. Nikki is a true bookstagram stylist in every sense of the word. Her custom book designs are available here.

9. booksenchanted

One look at Maya’s cozy room of bookish wonder will make you wish you could sleep over, drink tea and jump into her adorable quote pillows.


The queens of literary flat lays…

10. readingoncloud9

When it comes to Instagram book flat lays (also known as knolling), Karmen takes her bookstagram images to the wayyyyy next level. Simply stunning.

A photo posted by K A R M E N (@readingoncloud9) on


11. foldedpagesdistillery

Flat lay creativity at its finest. Account manager Hikari creates a little story inside of each of her amazing works of art. You can also check out her blog for awesome book reviews.


Bookish Instagram accounts for all you coffee lovers!

12. crimeofrhyme

Feel like you are walking with your best friend on an Autumn day through the tree lined streets of Brooklyn. Alison’s pics are dripping with trend setting style. 

A photo posted by Alison (@crimeofrhyme) on


13. bookbaristas

Natasha’s super popular BOOK baristas will make you wish you guys were best friends. Such an adorable account you can’t help but smile.  Check out some of her cute swag here.

A photo posted by Natasha | NYC (@bookbaristas) on


14. insidethebookreader

Parisian cafes, toasty mugs of coffee, enchanting forests… I want to live in Calista’s bookstagram account!

A photo posted by Calista (@insidethebookreader) on


15. sapphire.reads

Is it weird that I feel a genuine connection with Victoria’s beautiful wooden desk? No? Thank goodness! And yes, her cat is a bookstagram superstar!

A photo posted by @sapphire.reads on


16. youngadultbookaddict

Young adult book addict is always fun and uplifting. Tracy also has a knack for finding the cutest book lover gifts you’ve ever seen. Pillows, candles, and mugs — oh my!


17. lannisterbooks

Need a little caffeine kick to finish that last chapter? Thomai will hook you up. She’s also the co-owner of bookstagram fav @bookstagramfeatures.

A photo posted by Thomai | 16 (@lannistersbooks) on


18. perpetualpages

Angela says “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” Well, her perpetual pages is a reader’s dream to dazzle your senses.


#Socksunday goals!!!

19. floralsndragons

I. NEED. THESE. SOCKS! What is happening right now?! Holy sockgasm! I’m never leaving my bed again and it’s all Vee’s fault. She’s also got a gorgeous blog.


20. ursula_uriarte

Let’s face it. Anyone who has these beyond amazing Muggle socks is a bookstagram must-follow. Ursula always offers of a cup of stylish urbanity. 

A photo posted by Ursula (@ursula_uriarte) on


21. _halfbl00dprincess

I frickin’ lost my mind for these ‘Toucan Do It’ socks. Andie’s account is full of cool reading ideas, fun photos and must-have book merch.


Book lover merchandise and #shelfies to die for!

22. bookwormboutique


23. madamereadsalot

24. bookmarauder

25. bookstorefinds


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